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One day, some lame ass mofo asked for something, and Opoth said "I have it in my pants".
From that day on, Opoth's pants was the source for any major piece of information.
Sad enough, Opoth is MIA for a long time now.. but his pants are still around,
And it's our job to keep it filled with goodies for everybody....


#Rareroms (efnet) Stats Page
#Tosec-Emuroms (unitedusers) Stats Page

The End Of G.A.R.P. ?

I have decided after several year to give up GARP dats and to pass them onto another maintainer.
Please visit #tosec-emuroms on UnitedUsers if you wish to contribute or download the newest dats.

"Nothing can change the past, but together we can build a new future."

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